À frente do Tempo
Ahead of Time

Celebrating two decades of community empowerment in Portugal, “Ahead of Time” delves into the transformative women-led journey of a unique exchange system, where services are traded not with money but with time, redefining solidarity and community.

Banco de Tempo” (Time Bank) is a system for organizing solidarity exchanges that promotes the meeting between supply and demand for services provided by its members.

The film celebrates the 20-year history of the Time Bank in Portugal, a groundbreaking women-led network redefining economic exchange with time as the only currency.
This documentary focuses on the project’s community-building prowess, its empowerment of individuals, and its forward-thinking approach to value and social cohesion.

Directors: Chiara Missaggia, Yuri Lopes Pereira
Screenplay: Yuri Lopes Pereira
Editing, Post-production: Chiara Missaggia 
Photography: Chiara Missaggia, André Ventura
Sound Design, Original Soundtrack: Pedro Bernardino
Produced by: Big Lisbon

©Chiara Missaggia