À frente do Tempo
Ahead of Time

Banco de Tempo” (Time Bank) is a system for organizing solidarity exchanges that promotes the meeting between supply and demand for services provided by its members.
The first Portuguese Banco de Tempo branches were created in 2002. Since then, dozens of branches have been created across the country, involving more than a hundred partner entities.

“À frente do Tempo” (Ahead of Time) is a documentary for the 20 year anniversary of  Banco de Tempo in Portugal, produced by Big Lisbon.

Directors: Chiara Missaggia, Yuri Lopes Pereira
Editing, Post-production: Chiara Missaggia 
Camera: Chiara Missaggia, André Ventura 
Sound Design: Pedro Bernardino
Produced by: Big Lisbon

©Chiara Missaggia