Bathstage MusicMUSIC SESSIONS | 2020

If we all sing in the shower, why not see real musicians doing it?

We’re an independent collective and we dedicate our time and talent to creating relevant, intimate audiovisual content involving music and real peopleness.

Yes, we record musicians in bathrooms.

But not any musician in any bathroom.
We want to give that special bathroom the soundtrack it deserves. We want to provide that great artist the stage he longs for.
By merging the two artistic universes of music and architecture, we want to have deep and thoughtful conversations with both musicians and architects.

Bathstage exists in two formats: as a live festival (Bathstage Music Festival), and a web series (Bathstage Sessions) with 2 seasons of episodes.
I am happy and proud to be the director, camera operator and video editor of these two seasons.


Some articles about us:

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©Chiara Missaggia