Notas sobre solitude
Notes on solitude

“Notas sobre solitude” (Notes on solitude) is an attempt at understanding a bit more about the dynamics of coexistence, focusing the lens on the topic of being alone - whether we'd like it or not. Some notes on the difference between solitude and loneliness, and their relation to insularity, told by a priest, some nature watchers, a mayor and some other fascinating characters located in the insular territory of Madeira, in Portugal.

Director, Producer: Carolina Marcos Caldeira
Camera: Carolina Marcos Caldeira, Julee Pinto
Editing, Post-production: Chiara Missaggia
Sound design: Alex Gonçalves - Estúdio 21
Soundtrack: Luca Cescotti, WONDERDOG
Graphics, Poster: Carolina Marcos Caldeira

©Chiara Missaggia