OFF - Zé  Manel exposto
OFF - Zé Manel exposed

Direction, camera, editing: Chiara Missaggia

This 46-minute documentary is about the making of the album “OFF” by the Portuguese artist Zé Manel.

It was recorded along two years (between 2017 and 2019), following the process of pre-production and recording of the songs, counting with the participation of national and international artists - such as Luisa Sobral, Tozé Brito, José Cid, Surma, Leigh Nash, and many others.
Besides an intimate conversation with Zé Manel, it counts with the intervention of 32 participants and exclusive backstage images, videoclips and acoustic live sessions.

“OFF - Zé Manel exposto” premiered on GQ Portugal in April 2020.

©Chiara Missaggia