The through-looking Alice | Lil Alice VIDEOCLIP | 2022

Direction, camera, editing: Chiara Missaggia
Styling, assistant: Giulia Capraro

“The Through-looking Alice” is the single which launched Lil Alice’s latest album “Chiaroscuro”, released in 2022.

The poetry of dreams and cinema are encapsulated in this album and form its essence. It is a journey born out of an oneiric vision of the world, in which the eclectic flavour is enriched by dreamy layers.
Chiaroscuro is an aural landscape, dense at times, whose inhabitants are real characters, eager to tell their stories through terse but powerful words, their harmonies and melodies; it is an inner world made of evocative texts, unique timbres, polyphonic voices and musical elements, which, like in cinematic art, form an integral part of the narrative.

©Chiara Missaggia